Answer Automation Scheduler: First Steps


Welcome to the new Answer Automation Scheduler! It has been redesigned from the ground up to be easier that ever to use and easy on the eyes. We have prepared a list of first steps to help you become familiar with this exciting new feature.

  1. To access the new Answer Automation Scheduler, log in to and click the Scheduler link in top navigation bar.
  2. Indatus will create an initial call list for Answer Automation users during the setup and configuration of your Answer Automation
  3. If you need to add additional on-call representatives to a call list, see How to Add or Edit a User in the Indatus Help Center. Once the users have been added, they can be selected in the call list dropdown menu.
  4. To learn how to update a call list in Scheduler, check out Updating a Call List using Scheduler.
  5. If you need to create a rotating schedule for your on-call representatives, below are a few examples of some common rotating schedules used by our customers.
    1. Creating a Daily Rotating Schedule
    2. Creating a Twice Daily Rotating Schedule
    3. Creating a Weekly Rotating Schedule
  6. If you are upgrading from Legacy Scheduler and Call List, there are a couple of things you should know about your account.
    1. Existing call lists, on-call representatives, and next 90 days of schedules will be moved over from your Legacy Scheduler and Call List Beyond 90 days, the call list on that day will remain in place in perpetuity.
    2. Legacy on-call representatives were auto-created as users in Answer Automation. As email addresses did not exist in our system for legacy on-call representatives, their new accounts were created using system generated names (e.g. "Maint Tech") and email addresses. This information can be edited to reflect the user’s actual email address – see How to Add or Edit a User for more information.
    3. Once you have updated to the new Answer Automation Scheduler, access to your Legacy Scheduler and Call List is no longer available. Users that attempt to log in to Legacy Scheduler and Call List after upgrading will receive the message, “You already upgraded! To make changes to your Call List and Scheduler you need to go to”
    4. Only users with the Account Owner role will have access to User Management and Scheduler features as well as to Answer Automation Reports, while users with the Maintenance Tech role will only have access to Answer Automation Reports. To change a user’s role, see How to Add or Edit a User.
  7. Need support or have questions about your Answer Automation service including the new Scheduler feature? Please contact our Customer Care team at or at 1-855-INDATUS (463-2887).
  8. Would you like schedule training on the new Answer Automation Scheduler feature? Please contact our Customer Education team at
  9. For how-to documents, training videos, and pre-recorded webinars on Answer Automation and other Indatus products, visit the Indatus Help Center located at
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