Updating a Call List Using Scheduler


In this lesson you'll learn how to create/update a call list using Answer Automation's Scheduler. You can also download the mp4 video lesson at the bottom of this page.


Answer Automation will dispatch Emergency Maintenance messages (and Courtesy Officer messages, if applicable) to On-Call Representatives that are members of your Answer Automation Call List. In this lesson you will learn now to create a simple Call List for on-call personnel using Answer Automation. Additional information on creating rotating on-call schedules in Answer Automation is available in our Help Center located at help.indatus.com

For every on-call representative, including back up on-call, you will need to create an Answer Automation user with their phone number and a unique email address (i.e. an email address that is not already associated with an Answer Automation user.) To learn more about creating a new user, please see our Help Center document How to Add or Edit Users (incl. Mobile Users).


  1. Upon login, from the Answer Automation Reports home screen, you will see your Dashboard. From your Dashboard, click Scheduler in the orange menu bar.  
  1. Click the mailbox number for which you would like to view the Call List. There may be more or less mailboxes listed depending on your Answer Automation configuration (e.g. if you have a Courtesy Officer). 
  1. This is Scheduler. The on-call representative presently assigned on call is listed to the left of the calendar. A scheduled change will be noted with an orange bubble on the calendar. The calendar itself serves as a tool for navigating the Scheduler Timeline that follows.

Creating a Call List

Indatus will create an initial Call List during the setup and configuration of your Answer Automation account; however, we always recommend that customers login to make sure that it matches their needs and expectations. 

  1. Navigate to and hover over the date in the Timeline that corresponds to the date that you would like to start your Call List and click the plus icon. 
  1. Select the Start Time that corresponds to the time the change should begin. Remember that the Start Time must be a time that is in the future. 
  1. Select from the dropdown menu the on-call representative. To add more back up representatives select Add a Backup. We do recommend that you give the initial On-Call Representative at least one repeat call back, in the event they were not able to make to their phone during the first call out. You can have up to nine (9) call outs on the Call List. Someone that is listed twice is counted at two (2) call outs. 
  1. Select the Wait The Wait time is the number of minutes that Answer Automation will wait before it calls the next on-call representative in the Call List. We recommend between three (3) and ten (10) minutes with five (5) minutes being the average wait most customer select. 
  1. Select Schedule
  1. You have successfully updated your Call List! 
  1. You may view your Call List update by selecting the corresponding date on the calendar; it will be noted with an orange bubble. 

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