How to View the All Properties Dashboard


If you are overseeing multiple properties in a portfolio, Answer Automation’s All Properties Dashboard allows you to view key performance metrics across all of your sites all in one convenient location.

  1. Upon logging in, select All Properties from the property dropdown menu. If your account has portfolio access to other Answer Automation accounts (or properties), you will be taken to the All Properties Dashboard. If you believe your account should have such access, but does not, please contact Customer Care at 1-855-INDATUS or email
  2. On this dashboard you will be able to view the Property name, Emergency, General, Leasing, Courtesy (if applicable) messages, Message Count, Average Emergency Response Time, and the Total Call Count for the properties to which you have access.
  3. You can adjust the date range of the data set you are viewing by selecting the appropriate range from the dropdown menu.
  4. To view more details about a particular property, select the properties name within the All Properties list or you can select the properties name from the property dropdown menu. This will take you to the specific dashboards for that user. To learn more about the specific dashboards, please see our Help Center article How to View the Dashboard.

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