Sending a Voice Message


In this document, you will learn how to compose and send a Voice Message blast to a contact list. Only contacts with a valid telephone number (home or mobile) on file that have not Opted Out can receive Voice Messages from ZIP Digital. For more information on ZIP Digital’s Opt-In and Opt-Out features, please see the Help Center article Opting-In and -Out of Receiving Messages.”

Voice messages are sent with preference to a contact’s home telephone number, but if there is not a home telephone number on file, the blast will be sent automatically send to the mobile number. If there is not a phone number [or if there is an invalid phone number] in both phone fields, Zip Digital will display an error message for that contact's Failed status: No Valid Phone Number.

Creating a New Voice Message

  1. Click Voice in the menu bar at the top (or click the Voice icon from the ZIP Digital landing page and skip to Step 3.)
  1. This is the Voice Blast Dashboard. This dashboard displays any current Voice messages the user has sent from the beginning of time, including the date/time of delivery and the message's status. From the Voice Dashboard, you can create a new message and also view more details about sent messages. To send a new message, click the New voice message
  1. Choose the list you would like to send the message to from the Send to drop down menu. If you have not yet created a list, the dropdown will be blank until a list is created. If you only have one list, it will automatically select it. You can only blast to one list at a time.
  1. Name your message.
  1. There are two ways to create a voice blast: you can upload a audio file or use our text to speech feature.
    • Upload file:
      • Click File Upload.
      • Select the audio file that you would like to send by clicking Choose File. The file must be in MP3 or .wav format. The max file size is 50 MB and the max audio length is 40 minutes.
  • Text to Speech: 
    • Click Text to Speech.
    • Create your message; it must be at least 10 characters long.
  • Clicking Speak to Me allows you to preview the message (you may be asked to enable the computer's microphone if it is not currently enabled in order to allow playback of the message).
    • Clicking Done returns you to the Create New Voice Message Screen.
    • Re-opening the Text to Speech modal at this time will show your previously-composed message, meaning it is ready to send even though it is not displayed on this page.
  1. Click the Send Now 
  1. You have successfully sent a Voice Message! Once the message has been sent, you will see that the Status is Complete in the Voice Dashboard. Messages statuses will be one of the following.
    • Complete: The blast is in queue to be sent. Note: Even if there are no phone numbers listed for contacts on a Voice Message blast, the blast will still show as Complete until the user clicks on it to see granular detailed results (which may then show as, Failed for certain contacts with a short description of the error.) This is because the blast itself could still be successful (i.e. certain contacts may have still received the message) even though other contacts may not have had a phone number on file or may have opted out.
    • Unsent or Pending: The blast has not yet been sent.
    • Failed: The blast did not send due to an error.
  1. When a ZIP Digital Voice Message blast is sent to a List of recipients, the recipient will hear a jingle followed by the audio recording. This combination plays twice regardless of whether the recipient has picked up the phone or let it go to voicemail.
  1. If a recipient has opted out of receiving ZIP Digital Voice Message blasts, this will be noted next to their contact as, Contact has opted out.
    • To view more details about the sent message, click the Message Name. You will be able to view the date, recipient, email address, status, and if there were any errors as well as listen to the voice blast audio recording that was sent as the message.
    • If the "Text to Speech" method was chosen: Clicking on the title of the sent Voice blast displays a speech bubble with the details of that message including the original text composition, send date, recipient, phone number, and contact names.
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