Sending a Text Message


In this document, you will learn how to compose and send a Text Message blast to a contact list. Only contacts with a valid mobile telephone number on file that have Opted In to receive ZIP Digital SMS messages can receive Text Messages. For more information on ZIP Digital’s Opt-In and Opt-Out features, please see the Help Center article Opting-In and -Out of Receiving Messages.”

Creating a New Text Message

  1. Click Text in the menu bar at the top (or click the Text icon from the ZIP Digital landing page and skip to Step 3). 
  1. This is the Text Dashboard. This dashboard displays any current messages the user has sent from the beginning of time, including date/time and the message’s status. From the Text Dashboard, you can create a new message and also view more details about sent messages, and view statistics. To send a new message, click the New text message button.
  1. Choose the list you would like to send the message to from the dropdown menu. If you have not yet created a list, the dropdown will be blank until a list is created. If you only have one list, it will automatically select it. You can only blast to one list at a time.
  1. Name your message.
  1. Message text is limited to 144 characters only and does not allow special characters, emoji, or pressing ENTER within the body of the message. If you would like the recipient to be able to get back in touch with you, please put contact information in the text message, as they cannot respond to the text message.
  1. Click the Send Now
  1. You have successfully sent a text! Once the message has been sent, you will see that the Status shows Complete in the Text Dashboard. Messages statuses will be one of the following.
    • Complete: The blast is in queue to be sent.
    • Unsent or Pending: The blast has not yet been sent.
    • Failed: The blast did not send due to an error.
  1. If a recipient has opted out of receiving ZIP Digital Text Message blasts, this will be noted next to their contact as, Contact has opted out.

Viewing Statistics

For ZIP Digital text messages additional message statics are available from your dashboard by clicking Statistics button located just beneath the New message button. The Text Message Statistics Dashboard includes total number of blasts sent, with the granular Sent, Pending, Undelivered, Failed tallies per contact listed for the user to view.

  1. Click the Statistics
  1. Here you will see the messages of that with a tally under one of the following categories:
    • Sent: ZIP Digital has received confirmation that the message has been sent.
    • Pending: ZIP Digital is waiting for confirmation that the message has been sent.
    • Undelivered: This currently only applies to emails that are rejected by the contacts email provider.
    • Failed: Recipient did not receive message/call due to an error.
  1. You can sort through individual recipient statuses.
  1. To see why a message has Failed, you can go back to the previous screen and click the name of the message. This will allow you to see who did or did not receive the message as well as reasons for the errors. (In the example below, the recipient had not Opted-In to receive ZIP Digital Text Messages yet.)

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