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Welcome to Answer Automation, the nation's most trusted answering service!

Answer Automation greets your callers with a professionally voiced message and menu options. General inquiries, after-hour emergencies and leasing calls will be promptly delivered anywhere you choose. Data is collected on every call and can be reviewed online, so you always have a clear picture of your call activity.

Your Service

Your Answer Automation account is now ready for use. You will receive your login credentials and instructions for how to access Answer Automation in a Welcome email generated after the setup and provisioning of your service is complete. This information will include mailbox numbers and security codes, Server Name, Retrieval Number, Forwarding Number, and Answer Automation web site login credentials.

Answering Calls Using Answer Automation

If calls will automatically forward to Answer Automation when your office telephone line is busy or after four (4) rings without an answer, your telephone service provider will need to be contacted to assist in getting the Automatic Call Forwarding feature added to your telephone service. This will happen in one (1) to three (3) business days. You will receive a confirmation email when the order has been placed with your telephone service provider and when they expect the feature will be activated on your telephone line.

If you elect to manually forward your calls to Answer Automation (the Manual Call Forwarding feature may be available for an additional cost from your telephone service provider), here is a quick reminder of how to toggle this feature ON/OFF.

  • To toggle ON, pick up your office telephone line (Line 1) and dial * 7 2 or 7 2 #. Once you hear a dial tone, enter your Forwarding Number. You will hear a ring and the Answer Automation service pick up, “Thank you for calling…” When you hang up the telephone, all calls will forward directly to Answer Automation.
  • To toggle OFF, pick up office telephone line (Line 1) and dial * 7 3 or 7 3 #. When you hang up the telephone, all calls will ring your office only.

Receiving/Retrieving a Message

Answer Automation will call your on-call personnel from your Retrieval Number. When your staff answers, they will be prompted to enter the Security Code for the Emergency Mailbox.

To retrieve a message, call your Retrieval Number and enter the mailbox number and security code for the corresponding mailbox. Ensure your message routing stops, by using the call return feature. After listening to the message, follow the prompts and press 8, then 4 to return the call directly to the resident (your phone number will be hidden from them during this return call).

Message review options include the following. From the main menu, press:

  • 1 to listen to new messages
  • 5 to listen to saved messages

From the message menu, press:

  • 0 twice to hear the date and caller ID information if available
  • 1 to pause the message
  • 3 to rewind in five-second increments
  • 4 to discard the message
  • 5 to save the message
  • 6 to replay the message
  • 7 to skip the message
  • 8 to return the call to the resident (press 4 to confirm) *Not available for Lease Up configurations
  • 9 to fast forward the message in five-second increments

Making a Call List Change

To change whom the Answer Automation service will call out to for an Emergency Maintenance request:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Login
  3. Select Call List & Scheduler under Answer Automation
  4. Log in with your Server, Emergency Mailbox, and Security Code
  5. Make any necessary changes to your Call List, select Save

Get Started with the Mobile Maintenance App

If your Answer Automation Service setup includes the Mobile Maintenance App, your next step is to log in to and begin creating your Mobile Maintenance App mobile users.

If you have questions about how to use Answer Automation's Mobile Maintenance App, please visit our Indatus Help Center at It is here that you will find step-by-step guides and video tutorials providing insight into how to get the most out of these applications. The article, How to Add or Edit Users (incl. Mobile Users) is a great reference for adding Mobile Maintenance App users to your account.

Need Support?

Do you need to make a change to your account? We are here to help. Contact the Indatus Customer Care team at 1-855-INDATUS or at


Download our informative how-to guide.

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