How to Check Your Messages


Within seconds of the customer leaving an emergency maintenance or courtesy officer message, your on-call Rep. will notified by a phone call to their phone or pager.

  1. They will receive a call from the toll free Indatus number, which you can program into your staff’s cell phones.
  2. If the on-call person answers when it calls, the service will ask for the security code. When the security code is entered, you will be instructed to press “1” for the new message.
  3. If the emergency call is missed, call your toll free retrieval number, enter your emergency mailbox number, enter the security code and you will be instructed to press “1” to listen to the new message.
  4. To let our service know you have retrieved the message, listen to it until you hear “press 4 to delete, to reply press 8…”
  5. After listening to an Emergency or Courtesy Officer Message, if you need to return the call to that customer you can press 8 and then 4 to call them back. The caller will NOT be able to see your number. Their Caller ID will only show the toll free Indatus retrieval number.
  6. Additionally, if you are using our Call Monitor feature, the return call to the resident will be recorded for quality assurance and sent to your email.
  7. You have successfully retrieved an Emergency or Courtesy Officer message!

The following is a list of the different options available to assist with checking your Answer Automation messages over the phone. After listening to a message you will hear the following options.

  • Press “0” twice to hear the date, time and caller ID information
  • Press “1” to pause the message
  • Press “4” to delete the message (To undelete, immediately press "7")
  • Press “5” to save the message (Don’t worry your mailbox will never get full!)
  • Press “6” to replay the message
  • Press “7” to skip a message
  • Press “8” to return the call through Indatus to the resident/customer. (Optional feature)
  • Press “9” to fast-forward the message in 5 second increments.

Additionally, messages will also be emailed to the email address(es) registered to the Answer Automation account. The message will arrive as an .wav audio file attachment and can be listened to using your preferred computer audio player.

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