Creating a Rotating Weekly Schedule for Two Techs


If you have a consistent rotating maintenance/courtesy officer schedule a Scheduler can be created that will change your call list automatically whatever day and time you want it to change.


  1. Choose Scheduler from the side menu.
  2. To create an on-call representative, enter the name of the rep in On-Call Rep’s Name. Assign a color to represent this rep in the schedule; select a color that is not in use by another rep.
  3. Next input the contact number(s) for the on-call rep. For each contact Phone Number, please input the number Type, Phone #, and Wait.
    • a. The Type is what kind of device you are using to receive calls. Normal is any kind of phone. If you use pagers, Digital is the most common type.
    • b. Enter the Phone # with no dashes or spaces.
    • c. If you want someone to be called more than once, enter his/her number in subsequent Phone Number spaces. Each Call List can accommodate up to nine (9) calls each. d. Wait corresponds to the number of minutes to wait until Indatus calls the next number in the call list if the call is not answered.
    • e. If you want the Rep to be called more than three (3) times, click on Add More Numbers for this Rep. Click Save. If you want to save your entry and add a new Rep, then click Save & Add New Rep.
    • f. If you are done adding all of your Reps, click Save & Schedule Reps.
  4. Click on Create Schedule.
  5. Select an On-Call Reps Name from the dropdown box. You are able to add more than one back up Rep. Back Up Reps cannot include the On-Call Reps name. If you want the On-Call person called more than once, click on Edit Name/Numbers and make your changes.
  6. Check the box to create recurring schedule. Options for scheduling will appear. Do not enter Schedule Start date just yet.
  7. You are ready to begin choosing the schedules for the On-Call team. After you check the Recurring Schedule box, the options will appear. In this example, we have two (2) On-Call Reps that are on-call for one week at a time.
    • a. Select Weekly
    • b. To determine the number of weeks the schedule should recur, take the number of Reps that are in the rotation depends multiplied by the number of weeks at a time the Rep is on-call. In this example, we have two (2) On-Call Reps that are on call one (1) week each, so the schedule should recur every two (2) weeks.
    • c. Choose the day(s) of the week that on-call switches.
    • d. The Recurrence Range is the first day the schedule changes. Choose what time of day the schedule switches. Do not input a date or time that is in the past. Choose how long you want the recurring to last. Click Save Schedule.
  8. Click on the calendar to see the changes starting to occur on the calendar.
  9. Create rotating schedule for your other Tech(s). From the On-Call Reps Name dropdown choose the other On-Call Rep, back up Reps and check the box to create recurring schedule. All of your previous selections will be there, simply change the Recurrence Range time. Click Save Schedule.
  10. You have successfully created a rotating schedule for two (2) Techs on-call for one (1) week at a time. Click View Schedule and you will see the colors that represent your Reps rotating.
  11. You will want to mark your calendar to know when to update your scheduler next time. To find out when you need to update the scheduler, click on the angle bracket on the month bar at the top of the calendar.


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