How to Change a Security Code


If you want to change your security code for any of your mailboxes and if your Company does not have a specific security code that is assigned to you, please follow the directions below.

  1. Go to Click on Login
  2. Under the “A” icon, click Call List & Scheduler
  3. Log in with your Emergency Mailbox Number, Security Code, and Server
  4. Choose Change Password from the side menu
  5. Enter Current Password (Security Code); choose another Password (must be at least 3-4 digits long); click save.
  6. After you click Save, your changes are confirmed.
  7. If you have a recurring Scheduler, log out of your mailbox and then log in with new Security Code. If you do not log out and log back in, your Scheduler will not update.
  8. If you do not know your security code, please call Customer Care at 1-855-INDATUS.

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