Creating a Vacation Week Schedule


In this example we will create a schedule that includes on-call coverage for a Rep. that is on vacation. 

  1. Select Scheduler from the side menu.
  2. If you do not need to add a Rep, click the red “X” next to Create On-Call Representative.
  3. Select View Schedule to view an On-Call Representative’s work week.
  4. Choose the date the Tech starts vacation. In this example, let’s pretend that Tech Two needs the week starting Friday 6/13/2014 off leaving Tech One to cover on-call. Click Select under Schedule Details. That line will become highlighted. Next, select Delete Schedule to remove Tech Two from the schedule for the week of 6/13/2014.
  5. Click on the calendar to see the change has occurred.
  6. You have scheduled a vacation week using Scheduler.
  7. You want to schedule one of the other Techs to work that week. So you will be making a one-time occurrence change. Click on Create Schedule
  8. Select the Tech that will take the Rep’s place while they are on vacation, including a back up rep. In this example Tech Three is providing vacation coverage for Tech One. Choose Schedule Start date, which should be the first day of Tech One’s vacation.
  9. Click Save Schedule. To see the change has occurred, click on the date the occurrence began.
  10. You have created a vacation schedule for Tech One and put Tech Three on call in his/her place.

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