Answering Calls with Answer Automation


Answer Automation greets your callers with a professionally voiced message and menu options. General inquiries, after-hour emergencies and leasing calls will be promptly delivered anywhere you choose. Data is collected on every call and can be reviewed online, so you always have a clear picture of your call activity.

Here are a few ways for your callers to leave a message with Answer Automation.

Automatic Call Forwarding

The preferred method is automatic call forwarding features on your phone lines. This way if your phone rings more than 3-5 times or if all your lines are busy, we will answer the call. Our Customer Care team can help you set up this feature.

Manual Call Forwarding

Some may want to manually forward their phones to us. There are two codes that are typically used to manually forward, which are determined by your phone company. To manually forward your phone dial *72 or 72# and the toll free number provided by Indatus. Wait for our service to pick up and listen for your business's name before hanging up. We suggest waiting to hear your business's name just in case the phone number was not entered correctly. When you want to stop using the manual call forwarding, dial the code *73 or 73#.

Post or Distribute Your Indatus Toll Free Number

Some businesses may choose to not use call-forwarding features. Perhaps you are using Indatus for emergency services only or your phone company does not offer the call forwarding features. In these situations, simply post your toll free Indatus number on your bulletin boards, your office door, or in your welcome packets for new customers. Some businesses use a voicemail/answering machine, which you could record the outgoing message instructing the caller to dial your toll free Indatus number for emergencies.

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