How to Edit Company Settings


In this lesson you'll learn how to edit your Company Settings in Answer Automation Reports. This includes editing how to edit Corporate and Property contact specific information.

Note: Only an Account Owner can edit Corporate Contact, Property Contact, and Property Management Software information.

Read this topic to learn more about how to edit Company Settings in Answer Automation Reports. You can also download the mp4 video lesson at the bottom of this page.


Editing Company Settings

  1. Under your username in the menu bar, select Company Settings.
  2. Enter or update all of the information under Corporate Contact. Name and Title are required.
  3. Enter or update the Property Contact. Name, Title, Phone, and Email are required.
  4. Enter or update your Company Info. Company Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, and Office Phone are required.
  5. Select your Property Management Software. Select Save Changes.
  6. You have successfully updated your Company Settings!

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