How to View Emergency Messages


In this lesson you'll learn how to view emergency messages in Answer Automation Reports. You will also learn how to add custom notes to specific calls.

Read this topic to learn more about how to view emergency messages in Answer Automation Reports. You can also download the mp4 video lesson at the bottom of this page.


Viewing Emergency Messages

  1. When viewing a message in the dashboard, you can view the following message attributes.
    1. Message was Created: Date/Time when the emergency message was left in your service. You can listen to the message by selecting the orange play button.
    2. Called: Call outs from the emergency service to your on-call Maintenance Techs. A Maintenance Tech that is set up within Reports (see How to Add or Edit User Documents) and identified as a Maintenance Tech, will be identified by name.
    3. Message Retrieved: When the first person listens to the emergency message, the Call Path will display Message Retrieved.
    4. Message Saved/Deleted: User controls for the emergency message will be displayed to show what the caller did after listening to the message.
    5. Call Transferred: This is if the maintenance tech used the Call Shield feature to call the caller back. You will also be able to play the recording of the conversation if you are using call monitor.
  2. You can add notes to the reporting by selecting Add Note. This will allow you to make comments about that specific call.
  3. You have successfully viewed a message!

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