How to Manage Access Controls


In this lesson, you'll learn how to manage user access controls in Call Tracker. This feature allows an account administrator the ability to customize a user's access in the Call Tracker account including access to certain view and edit privileges within the account.

View the overview video or read this topic to learn more managing access controls in Call Tracker.

 Managing Access Controls

  1. Log into your call tracker account via:
  2. From your Accounts tab, select Access Controls.
  3. To create a new user, select Create New User.
  4. Assign a User Name, Password, and Display Name. Enter their office phone number and email address (optional fields).
  5. Grant access to what you would like this user to be able to see. You must select each box if you would like them to have full access.
  6. Grant access to all or some of the numbers that you would like this user to be able to view by selecting the number(s) and selecting Add to Access>. Additionally, you can remove access by selecting the number(s) and select <Remove from Access. If you would like to add access to all the toll-free numbers, select Add all to Access>>.
  7. Select Save & Update.
  8. You have successfully added a user! They are now able to access their account with their username and password.
  9. If you need to edit an existing user, select Edit by the users name.
  10. Edit what you need to edit and select Save & Update.

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